Hello! Nice to meet you.

I’m Rainey Straus, a combo right-brained left-brained thinker, artist and designer. You’ll find me where rigor meets woo woo and purpose meets play.

My super-power, distilling the complex down to the essential. I’m endlessly curious. I know creativity can fuel change and this spirit of transformation is the core of my work.

I’ve worked with companies like Abbott Diabetes Care, GE Healthcare and the VA to develop experiences that grow wellbeing and deliver better patient care. I’ve crafted business concepts from brand through service touch-points and designed systems for pet and people health. I’ve investigated the effects of technology on the body and used computer games to make art.

I’m a dancer, yogi, traveler and flow junkie. I have an MFA from California College of the Arts, training as wellness coach from the Mayo Clinic, the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and 25+ years of experience as a practicing designer.

My why is to help other humans uncover their innate creativity and use design as a tool to create positive change.