What happens when wellbeing guides design?

Check out some recent projects to see wellbeing in action.


Clinical Focus     Human Focus

Sharing images like x-rays or MRIs is often a story of lost time and tangled communication. Our team asked the question, how can we use technology to deepen the flow between clinicians and patients to deliver care more easily and get on with the work of healing? Our role was to champion this question throughout the development process. Ultimately the answer to this question was brought to life in GE Health Cloud’s Centricity Imaging Collaboration Suite. The platform includes the applications Case Exchange and Multi-disciplinary Team Meeting for more seamless communication and collaboration.

Centricity Imaging Collaboration Suite
Case Exchange
Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting


Dependent     Empowered

Our Vets deserve care and respect and the VA exists to deliver through a range of benefits. At times, however, accessing these benefits can be a convoluted, confusing and opaque experience. It leaves vets feeling unseen, unheard and frustrated. In talking to veterans about their journeys we learned about many opportunities to build wellbeing. On Veterans day in 2015 our team launched Vets.gov to prototype a new approach to benefit access. The initial pilot used a clear step-by-step, simple language, templated approach to share resources and walk veterans through complex application processes. We wanted to clear the path so that vets could focus on living life not on navigating the VA system.

Designs on the VA - New York Times 2.24.2017
2016 Report To Congress - Simplifying Veterans-facing Services with Vets.gov

Well Informed.png

Scattered     Connected

Relationships are foundational for our health and our pets are always there with unconditional love. Built on connection, the Well Informed Pet is designed so that we can give our pets the best possible care. Everything that’s important to know about your pet is gathered in one place to make sharing with pet friends and caretakers simple and worry-free. Figure 8 led the UX design of the initial product prototype. We love our furry companions!

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Fragile     Resilient

We can’t ignore our bodies if we want our brains to do our best work. We workout, we eat right and we worry about our sleep. We’re driven to perform. FitLab is designed for wellbeing. A fitness club concept focused on human optimization, FitLab is a place to explore the latest technologies to recharge the mind, body, brain, and heart. Figure 8 shepherded the initial idea from a seed forward to a robust business concept ready for fundraising. Contributions included market research, brand development, service design and team leadership.

Check out the FitLab little brand book.