Move. Flow. Create.
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Move. Flow. Create.

What seeds do you want to plant this spring?

Join us for a day of retreat as we explore this question in a stunning private Mill Valley home.

Moving gets us out of our heads and into our bodies. It clears the way so we can do our best thinking. Inspired we can bring new possibilities to life.

The day starts with tea and commUnity. We’ll dance under the sky, followed by a delicious healthy meal overlooking Mt. Tam. In the afternoon we’ll gather to map out your visions for a growth-filled year ahead. How do you want to feel, do and be? We’ll help you design the steps and end the day with a celebration dance.

Cost: $140

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This retreat is a co-production of MoveMe Studio,  Figure 8 Studio and Denise Landucci.

Your Guides

MoveMe: Sarah Caveney, Owner + Instructor + Somatic Educator

Movement is my healing elixir for my physical body, my mood, and my spiritual self.  As a former gymnast and musician, Nia dance and Pilates come naturally to me and make me feel at home in my body and centered in my life: they are where I enter my flow state.  I teach you how to find a physical connection to JOY in my classes with holistic health and physical sustainability as the ultimate goal. All I ask is that you bring YOURSELF fully as YOU are in the present moment so that you can reach your potential.

Figure 8 Studio: Rainey Straus, Mover, Wellbeing Coach + Designer

Rainey Straus is a dancer, yogi, traveler and flow junkie. She’s also a Mayo Clinic-trained wellness coach and a healthcare-focused designer. She has worked with companies like Abbott Diabetes Care and GE Healthcare to develop systems for better patient care. Rainey’s why is to help other humans uncover their innate creativity and use design as a tool to create positive change.

Your Host

Denise Landucci

I've been involved in a variety of the healing arts over the past 30 years. I am thrilled to now have an in-home, intimate space to hold daylong retreats. I am looking forward to our first gathering and co-creating some magic together!

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