Why amplify the power of dance and movement?

As dancers and movers, we recognize the gifts our practice brings; joy, grace, flow, creativity, and intuition (to name only a few). These states are the superpowers we need to navigate modern life.

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The NIA/Movement Collaboratory

Coming from the sciences, a collaboratory is a creative process in which people work together to generate solutions to complex problems. A ChangeLab collaboratory combines the power of movement and community with a structured process to support wellbeing and personal transformation.


What’s the ChangeLab Workshop like?

We start by discussing wellbeing, what it is and how to design it. Participants explore their values, strengths, and dreams. Solo activities are broken up with small group discussions to share support and insights.  We set the stage for generating a life vision with a brief guided meditation. Inspired, we move into learning a goal setting and action planning process to bring our visions to life.


Where does NIA fit?

The ChangeLab format is flexible. The core activities take between 3 and 4 hours to complete.  The workshop can be run as a half-day session, or as a full-day that combines a NIA routine and Floorplay to break up the “thinking activities.” The experience can also be extended across several days and incorporated into a longer NIA retreat.

Is ChangeLab just for NIA?

No the ChangeLab experience can integrate easily with other dance forms or yoga and can also be run as a stand alone workshop.

Can you customize the workshop content?

Absolutely, the content can be structured to support specific NIA routines or to focus on distinct areas of wellbeing like flow, nutrition, self-care, and work. We love to co-create and are always open to designing new variations.

How can we work together?

There are a variety of ways to work together. Figure 8 can bring the half-day introductory workshop to your studio, partner to create a day-long event or a longer retreat. We can also design something completely new together, live or virtual! Costs are variable based on your needs, location fees and other expenses. In most cases, we’d need a minimum of 18-20 people to run a workshop.


A Transformational Wellbeing Workshop

  • A method to brainstorm and action-plan

  • Highly customizable as to theme and format

  • Connecting, collaborative and creative

  • Movement integrated

  • Supported with a wellbeing workbook

The Benefits

  • Increased health and wellbeing

  • Business/career growth

  • A focused vision of where you’re headed

  • Greater ability to get things done

  • More flow and inspiration