How can we create cultures of wellbeing?

We start with the personal, move out to the organization and stretch into the world through a business’s products and services. Create congruence. Work together. Generate. Flow. Loop.

Change can be hard work. Collaboration brings diverse thinking into the room. Together we stretch, grow more flexible, more open, and more aligned. It makes the hard stuff just a bit more fun as we shape the best ideas together. Figure 8 Studio offers a range of wellbeing workshops and also crafts custom approaches. Please get in touch.


Personal Wellbeing



ChangeLab inspires group wisdom to support self-discovery, envision futures, brainstorm goals and action steps and finally head out to prototype new ways of being and doing.



What feeds you? Nourish explores the foundations of wellbeing; food, sleep, and self-care. Participants learn to design experiments that uncover which foods and practices give them the most health and energy.


Organizational Wellbeing


Working Wellbeing

How flourishing is your organization? This workshop focuses on the creation of wellbeing design principles aligned with your company’s mission and values. We’ll map the current state and identify opportunities to grow a healthier and more engaged culture.


Wellbeing Products

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Positive Design

How can you ensure that a product or service contributes to wellbeing? How do you measure it’s impact? This workshop looks through the lens of the Positive Psychology to evaluate how your project contributes to positive impact. We’ll look for opportunities to improve the experience of connection, health, flow and purpose.